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Your Ligue 1 Team of The Season (TOTS) article is here


Ligue 1 Team of The Season (TOTS) in EA FC 24

The Celebration of Ligue 1's Best

Ligue 1 TOTS is a special event in EA FC 24's Ultimate Team mode that recognizes the top footballers from the recently concluded Ligue 1 season. These players stood out with exceptional performances and will receive special player cards with significantly upgraded ratings compared to their regular cards.

What to Expect

  • Elite Players: This is your chance to add the Ligue 1 season's best attackers, midfielders, defenders, and even goalkeepers to your Ultimate Team squad. Expect players who dominated scoring charts, made crucial tackles, or orchestrated attacks to be featured.

  • Special Packs: These exclusive packs will be available for purchase with in-game currency or FIFA points. They'll offer a chance to snag these highly-rated Ligue 1 TOTS players for your team.

  • Market Frenzy: With these powerful cards hitting the market, expect a surge in activity within the Ultimate Team transfer market. Prices of other players might fluctuate as well.

Tips for Getting Involved

  • Save Up: If you plan on buying packs, start saving your in-game currency beforehand.

  • Market Watch: Keep an eye on the transfer market to see if you can snipe good deals on players you want.

  • Squad Building Challenges (SBCs): There might be SBCs related to Ligue 1 TOTS, offering alternative ways to acquire these special players.


  • The specific players included in Ligue 1 TOTS are not officially revealed yet, although leaks might provide some hints.

  • Packing a TOTS player is based on luck, so don't spend beyond your means.

This event is a great opportunity to bolster your Ultimate Team with the cream of the crop from Ligue 1. Good luck collecting these special cards!

Ligue 1 TOTS players:


Male Players:

- Mbappé 🇫🇷  
- Del Castillo 🇫🇷  
- Dembélé 🇫🇷  
- Cherki 🇫🇷  
- Thuram 🇫🇷  
- Zaïre-Emery 🇫🇷  
- Lees-Melou 🇫🇷  
- Locko 🇫🇷  
- Lucas Hernández 🇫🇷  
- Todibo 🇫🇷  
- Lala 🇫🇷  
- Vitinha 🇵🇹  
- Nuno Mendes 🇵🇹  
- Tiago Santos 🇵🇹  
- Aubameyang 🇬🇦  
- Jonathan David 🇨🇦  
- Golovin 🇷🇺  
- Bentaleb 🇩🇿  
- Zakaria 🇨🇭  
- Medina 🇦🇷  
- Dante 🇧🇷  
- Marquinhos 🇧🇷  
- Donnarumma 🇮🇹

Female Players:


- Bacha 🇫🇷
- Karchaoui🇫🇷
- Katoto 🇫🇷
- Renard 🇫🇷
- Geyoro🇫🇷
- Hegerberg🇳🇴

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