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Ultimate Birthday Promo in EA FC 24

The Ultimate Birthday promo in EA FC 24 was a two-week celebration of the 15th anniversary of the popular Ultimate Team mode, which has been rebranded for the new game. It ended on Friday, March 29, 2024, so it's no longer active.

Here were some of the key features of the Ultimate Birthday promo:

  • 5-Star Boosts: Players in special Ultimate Birthday packs had either a five-star weak foot or five-star skill moves, along with an overall stat boost.

  • Ultimate Birthday Teams: There were two released teams of players with these special boosts. Team 1 came out on Friday, March 15th, and Team 2 came out on Friday, March 22nd.

  • Fantasy Icons: New special Icon cards were introduced that didn't reflect any one specific point in a player's career, but rather celebrated their overall legacy.

  • PlayStyle Boosts: New PlayStyle+ upgrades were available for some players, giving them a specific in-game performance advantage.

  • Other Content: There were also SBCs (Squad Building Challenges), Objectives, Evolutions (player upgrades throughout the promo), and a Birthday toolkit that players could download to create their own celebratory content.

Team 1 (Released March 15th)

  • This team leaned heavily on high-rated Icon cards, including legends like Thierry Henry, Ruud Gullit, and Carlos Alberto.

Team 2 (Released March 22nd)

  • This team offered a mix of boosted current stars and Icons. Some of the highlights included:

    • Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) with a 94 OVR rating and five-star skill moves/weak foot.

    • Pelé (Ultimate Birthday Icon) with a 96 OVR rating and five-star skill moves/weak foot.

    • Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona) with a 93 OVR rating and a five-star weak foot.

    • Other notable Icons included Camille Abily, Robert Pires, and Javier Zanetti.

If you'd like to see a more comprehensive list or rankings of the Ultimate Birthday players, you can find them through YouTube channels or websites that cover the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team mode by searching for "EA FC 24 Ultimate Birthday Promo Players: [YouTube]" or similar terms.

You can find more information about the Ultimate Birthday promo on the EA Sports FC website or by searching for news articles about it online.

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