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Join our family! Are you insane good at a game? Get paid for doing what you love! 

Only the combination of a quality human being and highly skilled player can place you in our team. Do you meet them both? Then

‼️ Click here to apply for a job in our team.


 Why we love what we do


Top tier professional players as your boosters. Your eyes will be delighted to see the highest gameplay possible performed on your account. We are a young, determined and dedicated team and we do our very best every single time. We let the results speak for themselves, stream the games for free, have the cheapest prices on the market by far, reliable and safe, we are always in continuing communication with our clients, you can always count on us as hardworkers, every component from our team is always in the mindset of outworking everybody else because, as you can imagine, we truly believe that this only way to succeed at the highest level.

We want every client that clicks on our site to have a "professionalism aftertaste" when he leaves it.

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