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Centurion Promo

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Centurion Team #2 Promo

The EAFC 24 Centurion promo is a new promo that was leaked to be coming to the game on Friday, October 27, 2023. The promo is expected to feature players who have reached a certain milestone in their careers, such as scoring 100 goals, making 100 appearances, or winning a certain number of trophies.

Centurions Team #2 coming:


  • Zico

  • Eusebio

  • Makelele

  • Trezeguet

  • Cole

  • Zanetti

  • De Bruyne

  • Bonmati

  • Carmona

  • Williamson

  • Musialia

  • Correa

  • Bornauw

  • Nandez

  • Vidic SBC

  • Barella SBC

  • Bowen OBJ

It is important to note that these are just leaks and the official list of players in the promo will not be released until EA Sports confirms it. However, the leaks have been very reliable in the past, so it is likely that these players will be featured in the promo.

The Centurion Team #2 promo is expected to be one of the biggest promos of the year, so now is a perfect moment to get yourself Rank 1 Finals by clicking here.

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