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Your Premier League Team of The Season (TOTS) article is here


Premier League Team of The Season (TOTS) in EA FC 24

The Premier League TOTS promo for EAFC 24 is one of the most anticipated events in the game. It celebrates the best performing footballers in the league throughout the season. Here's what we know so far:


Leaks and Release Date:

Expected Players:

  • Based on leaks, some of the players expected in the TOTS include:

         🇳🇱 Van Dijk
         🇳🇴 Haaland 
         🇬🇧 Foden
         🇪🇬 Salah
         🇬🇧 Palmer
         🇬🇧 Rice
         🇪🇸 Rodri
         🇦🇷 Garnacho 
         🇳🇴 Odegaard 
         And a possible TOTS Moments 🇧🇪 KDB 😱​

Promo Details:

  • Specific details about the promo, like challenges and pack offerings, are yet to be revealed by EA.

Keep in mind: Leaks are not always 100% accurate, so wait for the official announcement from EA to see the confirmed players and promo details. You can follow EA Sports FC or the EAFC 24 social media channels for updates.

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