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RTTK Team 2

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RTTK Promo

RTTK is a dynamic upgrade promo that rewards players whose teams qualify for the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League or Europa League. Players who are released in RTTK cards will receive a +1 overall rating boost for every round of the competition that their team progresses to. RTTK cards can be upgraded up to a maximum of +5 overall ratings.


RTTK cards are typically released in two teams, with the first team being released at the start of the group stage and the second team being released later in the competition. RTTK cards can be obtained through SBCs, Objectives, and Packs. Here are some additional details about RTTK that are not copyright: RTTK cards are typically very popular among players, as they offer the potential for significant upgrades. RTTK cards can be a good investment for players who are looking to build a team for the long term. However, it is important to note that RTTK cards are also a risk, as their value could decrease if their team fails to qualify for the knockout stages.


Overall, the Road to the Knockout promo is a great way for players to obtain dynamic upgrade cards that can be used to build a competitive team throughout the season.

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