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Points Required: 36


Get the best rewards available in the game by hiring one of our pro players to play your UT Champions Finals games.


Rank 7 UT Champions Finals EAFC 24 DBA Boosting:



  • 1,000 FCQ Points
  • 1,000 XP
  • 15,000 coins
  • x1 Rare Players Pack 
  • x1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack 
  • x2 Max 90 TOTS Players 

Rank 7

PriceFrom $8.50
  • If your order is Rank 1, we will try our very best to fulfil your order, but we can't guarantee it because nobody can really assure you a Rank1. We will guarantee you an absolute minimum rank, depending on your current squad (you can use the live chat support or any of our social media to ask for the minimum rank guaruanteed) . Anything under the rank guranteed by us will mean a total refund to you. Anything between your desired rank and the minimum guaranteed will result in a refund consisting of the difference amount between the desired and the achieved rank.

     So, you pay us for your order (Rank 1) and after the Weekend League finishes, depending on what our fifa booster achieved, we can give you some money back (if he finishes Rank 2, we give you the difference back immediately: 135$-125$=10$). Is really difficult to guarantee you more than that with the servers being as they always are, with disconnects flying left, right and center 😩. We hope that FIFA will be better in this area and let our pure experts and game genius to their job.


  • We can either stream on a Twitch channel created by us (especially, exclusively and only for you. We want to make sure that our customers understand that nobody else will know about their stream and their boost. Everything will stay as confidential and as professional as possbile) or on your Twitch channel if you already have it linked with your PSN/Xbox/Origin and you want us to use it.

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